Mother Cabrini Health Foundation is one of the sponsor's of our project.
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About Us

This is an initiative funded by Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, and started by a team of women activists with lived experiences of forced migration living in New York City; social work graduate students at Fordham University; and two migration and mental health scholars working to improve access to and utilization of health and mental health care for women asylum seekers in New York City.

We partner with several grassroots organizations providing services and advocating for the rights of asylum seekers.


To elevate the voices of women with lived experiences of forced migration and build a community.


To become a central hub of coordinated practice, policy, advocacy, education, and training resources and supportive programming that serves to empower and connect migrant communities in NYC and beyond to claim rights and access effective health and mental healthcare. Using a social determinants of health framework and a human rights paradigm, Her Migrant Hub will address gender and racial injustice, promote the rights of women migrants, and improve migration policies at a local and global level.


Dignity & Worth

Our Partners

Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
RIF Asylum Support is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
Suicide Prevention Research Program (SRPR) is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
Emma's Torch is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
Coalicion Mexicana is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
Ovjnu Global is a partner of Her Migrant Hub
Fordham Graduate School of Social Services is a partner of Her Migrant Hub

Project Directors

Human mobility is essential for progress, but too often it is forced by increased violence, lack of safety, loss of habitat due to natural or man-made disasters, or loss of opportunity. Under such circumstances, migration to a safer place is a human right, one that we claim and one that we advocate for. The rights of people in forced migration contexts in New York City include the right to a legal identity; the right to health and mental health care; the right to safe housing; the right to education; the right to employment; and the right to a voice and a presence.
Marciana Popescu

Marciana Popescu

Professor at Fordham University

Speaks: Speaks: English, Romanian, French, and German

I am an immigrant, a woman, an educator, researcher, and a human rights activist. And, I am privileged to work with an amazing team of strong, beautiful women, to create a safe and brave community, and bring visibility to the many challenges faced by women with lived experiences of forced migration in New York City.

Dana Alonzo

Dana Alonzo

Professor at Fordham University

Speaks: Speaks: English and Spanish

I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with this caring and courageous group of women seeking to improve the lives of fellow asylum seekers, advocating for the rights of their communities and sharing their stories to empower others. As a clinician, researcher, mental health advocate, professor, and mother to a young daughter, I am proud to be part of the fight for women’s rights and to recognize the value and dignity of every woman.

Project Coordinator

Tanzylia Oren

Tanzilya Oren

Speaks: Russian, Uzbek and English

I am an immigrant from Uzbekistan, with a background in women’s rights and international advocacy for civil society’s rights. Currently, I am a Ph.D candidate in social work at Fordham University, a licensed master social worker, an education advisor at RIF Asylum Support, and a project coordinator for this project. My community work and research interests are focused on the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, and community organizing among immigrants. I believe this project and the platform will assist refugees, specifically, women-asylum seekers, to build community and support each other with truthful and reliable information.