Shedding Light on Trauma - Part I

Her Stories: Employment in the US - Part II

In Part II of Employment in the US Webinar, we are exploring the process of applying for an Employment Authorization Document. While sharing an application story, our woman activist and team will walk through the process with attendees so that they will be successful in their applications and follow up. We encourage providers and community members to disseminate this information with others who may find it useful, as well.

Her Stories: Employment in the US - Part I

This webinar is part one of a series exploring employment in the US for women with lived experiences of forced migration. In this first part, we will learn from women activists and their personal narratives focused on challenges to obtaining work authorization, and the exploitation and discrimination faced in the workplace. In addition, we will discuss some of the gaps in existing policies and laws, and identify tips and action steps in the following parts.

Violence Against Migrant Women: An Overview

Her Migrant Stories: Facing xenophobia and feeling welcomed in NYC

Her Migrant Stories: Women who flee their home countries due to forced migration and arrive in the US face multiple experiences of xenophobia, racism, and exclusion. However, New York City -a city of immigrants- welcomes those who need a new place to call home. Listen to stories of both welcoming experiences and xenophobic incidents that are part of the journey of women seeking asylum in the US.

HER Stories: The Journey to Emotional Wellbeing

HER Stories: Health and Reproductive Health Challenges in a Forced Migration Context in NYC

Her Stories: Forced Migration in NYC