Understanding and Caring for the Grief of Forced Migration

Grief is a natural reaction to loss and everyone will experience grief at multiple points in their lives. Despite the naturalness of grief, many people struggle to process their feelings. When thinking about grief, the death of a loved one is often the first loss to come to mind, however, forced migration, which can include having to leave one’s motherland, and saying goodbye to friends and family can also prompt the natural grief response. This webinar aims to provide an introductory understanding of grief responses and the fundamentals of the healing process.

Health Equity for Lesbian and Transgender Women: Discussion with Healthcare Providers

Watch our second event dedicated to Pride Month! This webinar is co-sponsored with RUSA LGBTQ, an association of Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ immigrants. This roundtable discussion with NYC healthcare providers focuses on the specific health equity issues for lesbian and transgender women. Learn about the barriers, challenges, solutions, and resources supporting all LGBTQ+ women.

Celebrating Pride Month: Voices LGBTQ+ Forced Migrant Women

June is the month in which the world celebrates LGBTQ+ pride. A time to rejoice in the achievements accomplished after generations of social mobilization and reflect on the ongoing violations of fundamental rights for LGBTQ+ people globally. These violations have contributed to forced migration rates, making it especially hard for LGBTQ+ women. Watch this conversation to learn more about the challenges and survival strategies of LGBTQ+ women migrants.

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates Webinar

The CCNY-MSK Partnership will present updates on COVID vaccines, current COVID rates in NYC, and recommendations for the most vulnerable populations. Raúl Hernández and Michael Xerras. CCNY-MSK Partnership, Partnership for Community Outreach, Research, and Education. Recorded on May 31, 2022.

Restoring safety and wellbeing: An overview of trauma-informed care

Restoring safety and well-being is critical in the post-trauma healing process. In an interactive workshop environment, we invite you to join us for an overview of Trauma-Informed Care. We are looking forward to raising awareness about trauma and specifically trauma related to lived experiences of forced migration, increasing the understanding of concepts related to trauma reminders and trauma responses, introducing some coping skills, and exploring how organizations and community environments can support the healing process. Panelists: Sedef Orsel, LMSW Elsa Obus, Psychology Fellow. Trager Lemp Center for Trauma and Resilience, Westchester Jewish Community Services Recorded on May 27, 2022.

Forced Migration Through the Lens of Gender: A Narrative of Struggle, Resilience, and Women’s Rights

This webinar presented a panel discussion on gender and migration between women activists, with lived experiences of forced migration; and Associate Professor Marciana Popescu, Ph.D. Together, they framed migration from the perspective of gender. Professor Dana Alonzo, Ph.D., moderated.

Opening Doors to Effective Integration for Women Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Watch this roundtable discussion with Kira O'Brien, the New York Director at Emma's Torch, and Manal Kahi, the founder and CEO of Eat Offbeat. Emma’s Torch is a restaurant, and a training program that provides refugees with culinary training, ESL classes and interview preparation. Trainees receive stipends. Eat Offbeat is a catering business, delivering meal boxes by subscription, and food to offices and events. All dishes are conceived, prepared, and delivered by refugees who now call New York City home.

Working Towards a More Gender-Responsive Reintegration Process for Returned Migrants

Held during Migration Week hosted by the United Nations Network on Migration, this webinar features policymakers and practitioners in a conversation reflecting on the progress made in the past three years to better integrate gender into reintegration programs for returned migrants, ongoing challenges, and how the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) in May offers a critical moment to promote good practices.

Breast Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Healthy Living for Cancer Prevention

Her Migrant Hub and City College of New York-Memorial Sloan Kettering (CCNY-MSK)’s Partnership Community Outreach, Research and Education Core (PCORE) present: Speaker Raúl Hernández, CCNY-MSK Community Outreach Coordinator